I am a Bend, Oregon based photographer specializing in architecture, product, and landscape photography.  

Originally from New Jersey, I began my journey in television production at the age of 20 in New York City and had the unique opportunity of learning from some of the most talented professionals in the broadcasting industry. I was eager to gain knowledge in everything from lighting, camera operation, audio engineering, video editing, state-of-the-art robotic cameras, and graphic design. Throughout the last decade, I have transitioned through several of the most respected and influential television facilities in the world. While my career in news was proving to be successful, I could not kick the feeling that something significant was missing in my life. I had opportunities to express myself in one way or another, but the time to rekindle my true creative spirit had evolved.

I will forever be grateful to New York City where I ultimately fell in love with architectural photography. From the classics like the The Metropolitan Museum of Art and the Flatiron Building, to modern marvels like the Hearst building and MOMA, there is so much variety to capture. However, after residing in the same area for 30 years and experiencing what other areas have to offer through a lot of travel, it proved time for a geographical relocation and most importantly a lifestyle change. The sustainable and environmentally friendly movement in the northwest was a huge motivator. My athleticism, affection for adventure, and being an outdoor enthusiast at heart, led me and my wife to the Pacific Northwest. Central Oregon came to be the destination of choice as it offers plenty of sunshine throughout the year and an endless array of sights, activities, and photo opportunities. The Northwest Mountain Modern style of architecture is fun to capture as well as the notable architecture in Portland. With Bend as my base camp, I devote my free time to exploring my local paradise and the surrounding areas, always armed and ready with my camera!